Top Hat Amps

TopHat Amplifiers are hand built, point-to-point circuit, high performance tube amplifiers with all the tone imaginable. Our Special Design Speaker Cabinets make for the best guitar sound possible. TopHat Amplifiers are made virtually bullet-proof in America with pride and old-school craftsmanship. Best of all, they sound great!

Contact Info:

Top Hat Amplification
20 Piccadilly Ct.
Durham, NC 27713
P: 1.919.817.5614   NEW NUMBER

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Latest News

  • We've Moved !!!

    As some of you may know we have moved our location. We are still in the good old state of North Carolina (GO TARHEELS). Our new location is below and as always if you have any questions about our location please email us at Address: TopHat Amplification 20 Piccadilly Ct. Durham, NC 27713 P: 1.919.817.5614

  • Welcome to the New

    Hello all. Thank you for checking out our new website. We will continue to add new content in the coming weeks as well as keep you up to date on news and product releases in the future.

  • Club Royal Featured in Premier Guitar's Champions of Chime

    Dick Denny’s name may not have the same resonance with guitarists as Leo Fender’s, but for a generation of British guitarists and scores of amplifier builders who came in Denny’s wake, his work is no less ingenious or important. Denny, you see, was the brains behind the Vox AC15. With his simple stew of EL84 power tubes, 15 watts of power, and a 12" speaker, he created one of the greatest, most timeless vehicles for electric-guitar expression.

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