Club Royale 20

  • Club Royale 20
  • Club Royale 20
  • Club Royale 20
  • Club Royale 20
  • Club Royale 20

Club Royale 20

20 Watt - Class A - Tube Amp Combo



The Top Hat ClubRoyale TC-CR1 is a favorite in the Club series. This amplifier has features and controls that allow you to create your own sound, without altering the natural organic sound quality of your guitar. It's built to last, and built to perform. Whether you're using it in a small club, or in the studio, you'll be able to perform at your best with it's chime and chordal complexity when clean or it's famous British snarly distortion when pushed hard. 

There is now a Custom shop variation of this model that adds a second switch to provide both the normal CR full EQ arrangement and adds the second mode, the stock AC30 sound, which bypasses the EQ and master volume controls and is available in gold, silver or black faceplates!!! This is a $99 option, please call for further details.

The Club Royale features one channel with high and low inputs. This channel, derived from the King Royale’s full EQ channel features: 

Fat-Off-Bright Switch
Treble, Mid, Bass
Master Volume

20 Watt - Class A
Backlit, Top Hat logo
Tube Rectified- EZ81
2x EL84
3x Tung Sol 12AX7
Speaker- Celestion 1x12"  G12H30 16 Ohms

Colors & Styling:
Shown above with Standard Styling. All Top Hat Amps are able to be customized with a wide variety of tolex and grill cloth options. Please email us with your tolex and grill cloth specs.