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Super 33

33 Watt - Class A - Tube Amp Combo



The Super 33 is a variation on the Super Deluxe and roughly trying to give both channels of the Vanderbilt 33 with some exceptions. We replace the first tube with the EF86/806 -- the fat-off-brite switch becomes an Off-Boost switch. In the off "Clean”mode, it is only the EF86 with only the Gain and Cut knob working. In the Boost mode, it engages the 2nd tube/gain stage, EQ and Master Volume. This is a bit hotter than the full EQ channel on the Vanderbilt 33, which is more just like the regular Super Deluxe channel -- all 12AX7. Because the Master engages, you can control the output level in relationship to the Off mode. It has a lot of great tones in it, including a fatter, more aggressive gain than the Super Deluxe can achieve.

Clean/Boost Switch
Treble, Mid & Bass
Master Volume


33 Watts - Class A
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Tube Rectified - GZ34/5AR4
2x EL34 Power Tubes (6L6 or 6V6 can be used as well without biasing)
2x 12AX7 and 1x EF86
Celestion 1x12" Heritage G12H30 8 Ohms

Colors & Styling:
Shown above with Empire Styling. All Top Hat Amps are able to be customized with a wide variety of tolex and grill cloth options. Please email us with your tolex and grill cloth specs.