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The Amps

Club Series Amps


The Club Series, TopHat's best selling Series!!!

These are the most affordable, best price point amplifiers we make!

The efficient compact combo chassis design along with cab design and spare no expense, world class Heyboer Transformers provide both a budget friendly cost And a sonic soundfield much larger and free breathing than it's reasonable footprint might suggest.


The Newest edition to this line is the Emplexador Junior, a compact version of it's flagship namesake. This is a 45-50 watt tube rectified class AB amp, straight out of 1968!! It has a Built In Variac for a lower output with sweet and easy, early saturation. Purely Delicious!!!


We also make our Best Selling Super Deluxe and Club Royale that are 18-35 watt Class-A guitar amplifiers that also provide an affordable alternative for today's small club players. The Club Royale and Super Club Deluxe are single channel 1x12, 2x12, 2x10 (special order 3x10) and 4x10" Class-A combos that work well in many modes. They share a classic front end structure similar to Tweed Bassmans, early Marshalls and TopBoost Voxes, along with an output section run like an AC15/30's and tweed Deluxes - cathode biased and no negative feedback loops. These 2 models never needs biased, ever. They excel as a studio recording amp, for clubs of any size, practice or for pedal boards - these can provide incredibly rich tone, in a compact 18-35 watt combo. The Club Series enables an artist to attain the ultimate guitar tone without having to spend a fortune. Feel your hands talking with a better voice, speaking beautiful truth from dulcet tones to roaring rock...


Emplexador Series Amps

The Emplexador E-50 & E-100 feature a traditional hi/lo input with selectable voicing between "Vintage" and "Modern". The first mode, labeled "Vintage", is based on a 1968 "Plexi" with a few twists thrown in for added versatility! We've added the ability to engage/disengage the "Bright Boost" bypass cap of a Classic '72 era amp as well as a switch to provide the fatter front end of a JTM 45. The master volume control also provides greater drive control in both modes. The second voicing, labeled "Modern", is designed to attain the best overdrive sound available with tons of gain and sustain while still offering some ability to have the amp clean up when your guitar is turned down.  


King Royale Series Amps

The King Royale K-35 Guitar Amplifier has two channels featuring high and low inputs. The first channel, with simple volume and tone controls, is derived from a classic Vox AC-30. The second channel comes from the classic Vox AC-30 "Top Boost".  


Custom Shop Series Amps

This is TopHat's latest endeavor to produce the most outstanding, classically based amp that will make records for the ages. This amp really strives to reach tonal Nirvana. It was hard to find room for improvement on our best selling amp -- the Club Royale, which has been rated the best in the 2-EL84 class of amps.

The field is thick with this type of amp and a field tough to beat. We also wanted to provide this in an Aluminum chassis Head version, especially useful for those working in a studio environment. We found the Aluminum chassis brings a lot to the table, sonically. Much of this is very hard to put into words. Put simply, it is more alive or lively, presenting a more transparent sonic field. 


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