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TopHat Amps

TopHat Amplifiers, established in 1994, hand builds every amp to your specific order requirements!!

They are made with proven point-to-point circuit designs using terminal strips, Vintage type carbon composition resistor, polyester film/foil

 and polystyrene capacitors, American and European made filter caps!!

We also use the highest quality american made Heyboer transformers, metal switchcraft jacks and Carling switches.

These are high performance tube amplifiers with all the tone imaginable, along with the added versatility necessary for today's real world needs and to better work with different types of guitars and various types of music!!

 Our Special Design Speaker Cabinets make for the best guitar sound possible, using finger-joined corners, baltic birch plywood, rear mounted standard Celestion speakers in various open and closed back designs.

TopHat Amplifiers are made virtually bullet-proof in America with pride and old-school craftsmanship. Best of all, they're built to last a lifetime and sound great,

Just ask the many happy professional musicians using our amplifiers!!

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